Like any talented child my beginnings at attempting to draw were my early attempts to draw what caught my attention in several magazine, news papers searching for subjects to portrait.

What caught my attention the most was what my surrounding folklore and culture. Additionally, i enjoyed drawing classical images because it resembled perfection. I remember running to my mother after finishing my drawings to show her my work, and win many many words of praise!
My family supported me a lot and especially my father and older brother. my older brother in particular pushed me to learn more and experiment with different types of tools and he, in his informative voice, and knowledgeable tone, introduced me to many a great artists that, throughout history, enriched our perception of art old and new.
Art today is fast and less time consuming as it was in the golden age.
following that I went with my family to many workshops that gave me the chance to mingle with many artists and got me exposed to different art schools and methods.
Most of my drawings are a reflection of me, simplicity with a focus on the content with a touch of modernity. I want an element of old school class to show as well, therefore my work is my attempt at perfection.